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Sound Problems?

If you've bought the Bleep Test app and are having issues with sound please try the following:

- On all devices ensure the volume is turned up and that the ringer isn't set to silent.
- Restart the device. It is possible that other applications have left the phone low on resources and a restart may clear that up.
- Try plugging in headphones. If you are using a first generation iPod Touch, you need to plug in headphones or connect to a sound system as the built in speaker will not play the sounds.
- Go to Settings/General/Reset/Reset All Settings this will reset the device settings but not affect any device data such as music/contacts etc.
- Finally, try reinstalling the app by deleting it from the device then re-downloading it from App Store app on the device, you won't be recharged and sometimes installing it directly onto the device seems to work.

Still having issues? Leave a message on this board and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

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    AdminShaun Austin (Admin, Bleep Test) shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  AdminShaun Austin (Admin, Bleep Test) responded  · 

    Just an update to this issue. There will be an update to all Bleep Test apps in the next few weeks with completely reworked sound functionality which should hopefully eliminate the majority of these issues once and for all.


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      • AdminShaun Austin (Admin, Bleep Test) commented  · 

        @Gabe, just a bit of feedback for this. The 15m test does indeed have 17 levels with the final level being 14 shuttles at 16kph or 3.4 seconds. This is as far as we are aware the standard test used by UK police, unless of course you know differently? I've looked to see where it says 21 and couldn't see that anywhere.

      • Gabe commented  · 

        The 15m bleep test.

      • Gabe commented  · 

        This bleep test only goes up to level 17, however the info says level 21. Is this correct?

      • Robin commented  · 

        2 Issues Related to Sound
        1) Beginning at level 8, the final beep after the countdown only works on every other segment (i.e 8.1 beeps, 8.2 no beep... etc)
        2) The final beep of each level should have a different beep from the other final beeps to let the person know they have started a new level because the voice over is way too late to adjust their pace at the higher levels.
        Not related to sound but would like an option on the background color of the level display. The cream colored background does not have enough contrast. Picking the font color would be good too as various color combinations tend to stand out better such as red on blue or lime greem on black, etc.

        Thank you!

      • delany commented  · 

        I've got exactly the same problem as mark. It's still not solved :(

      • Malcolm commented  · 

        I am also having issues with the sound and, like Tom, I think the first level seems too fast (or maybe I'm getting old!). I'd be grateful if you could help.

        Thanks. Malcolm.

      • Tom commented  · 

        Hi, just downloaded the basic 20m bleep test app. It starts on level 1 but the time between beeps starts at about 9seconds which is way to fast. I believe the normal level 1 beeps should be decending from about 13seconds. Can you help please?

      • Jay commented  · 

        I installed app onto my Iphone 4. No sound!! Tried everything you said but still no sound!!

      • Charlie commented  · 

        Still no sound and doesn't even start

      • Malcolm Q commented  · 

        Sorry to report that I am having the same issue as Iain below. Have reinstalled and tried everything else. Hope you can suggest something

      • Iain commented  · 

        Hi Shaun, I installed the app onto my iPhone 3GS and the sound won't work. I tried everything that you said above and still no joy. What should I do next.


      • mark commented  · 

        Hi Shaun, I have an iPhone 3GS, here are my testing results. Hopefully you can help :-)

        *** Sound OK ***
        - through the internal iPhone speakers
        - with headphones (however I must have the sound turned all the way up to hear)

        *** Sound NOT OK ***
        - connect the iPhone through headphone jack to car stereo or cd stereo (volume turned up and volume turned up on stereo) Can barely hear sound :-( It is louder if I disconnect headphones and play through internal iPhone speakers.

        I would like to be able to amplify the sound as I have the team edition and we all need to hear the sound. Is there an update you can do to help with sound ??? (when I play music with the iPhone I do not have these issues).

        Look forward to hearing from you.


      • David commented  · 

        Tried all the above, still no sound. I expected this to be a basic function of a bleep test ..... Sound?

      • mark mikulandra commented  · 

        None of these are working for me - I am so old - Help!!!!!

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